Oh, that amazing flavor in your mouth which wakens all your senses! Whenever we think about it, we can’t help but smile, whether show it or not! We are awakening a sensation of joy and releasing it through our entire body, and then we set off on a journey of finding a perfect one, or as someone would prefer to call it, a hunting trip with a single purpose, to find a chocolate to eat.

First thing’s first

Before you start eating chocolate you should do as follows:

  2. Choose a chocolate you want to eat and then READ THE LABEL!
  3. Information you find on the label will teach you to choose and WATCH WHAT YOU PUT in your mouth. This is the first step to enjoy it and stay healthy.
  4. Do as described and you will ENJOY EATING chocolate on a whole new level. Out of PURE PLEASURE and with a greater sense of taking care for yourself!

Enjoy your personal benefit and let go of the idea that eating a complete chocolate bar will satisfy your hunger for it. Stop. That is a manufacturer’s way of thinking. Our need for a chocolate is satisfied after a single piece of chocolate. Sometimes two will do.

A mousetrap

A mousetrap is a proven fact. It’s in our nature, once you pick something to eat, you have to eat until you’re full. You start craving it. No. Stop. Don’t become a slave. Don’t let chocolate become something you put in your mouth without knowing what you are eating and how much you are taking.

This is a path chocolate doesn’t want us to take, because this way we forget what the essence of chocolate is. It doesn’t want to be comfort food. This way it represents just a means of gaining weight, since all that energy gets into our body and rarely gets burned out of the system, more often just building up our BMI.

Today’s science has proven once more that everything can really be our friend and a real cure in small amounts. But when we start to exaggerate with excessive amounts, then our body obeys its master becoming a slave to our own thoughts and eventually gets really sick.

We all know it’s a proven fact that chocolate stimulates the production of serotonin in our body putting us in a blissful state of mind for awhile. But we shouldn’t eat chocolate for that reason. That longterm blissful state of mind and happiness can be achieved only with long term solutions and chocolate isn’t what we need. But that’s a completely another matter to investigate.

Chocolate is our best friend only when we simply enjoy it for its taste or craving sugar. And after a piece or two, just stop. That’s enough.

Otherwise, you don’t take only sugars and quality ingredients from it. Some parts of chocolate in large amounts literally represent a poison for our organs. That’s why we always read the labels.

When it comes to children, it can damage their organs really badly. Just bear in mind that their bodies are still growing and their organs still don’t have the same size and capacity as ours. Their boundaries are much smaller than ours. Please bare that in mind.

The secret lies in small amounts and special occasions to enjoy it!