We have been reading and hearing about alternatives to what is known as traditional, mainstream education for quite some time now. What’s more, a global change has been recognized as the only solution to stop a global epidemic of unhappy and ill people as well as lost human resources who once had great potential, at the age of three.

As three year olds, we like to be in a group and we like to talk and to be heard, we have a lot of ideas and we like to share them with others, we like to show them to others and we like to be recognized when doing it. We like to learn as we play. That’s when education starts and fun and games are over.

Educational systems all around the globe should just proceed and stimulate that natural way of sharing ideas, independent problem solving, encouraging divergent thinking, recognizing when linear, convergent thinking can intervene to shorten the way from point A to point B.

A shift occurred?

On the international scale a number of alternative schools has been growing for more than 3 decades. The Alternative Education Research Organization’s website brings relevant information for the USA as well as for the entire globe, showing that there are people involved in the implementation of the idea of a basic human right to choose a way to learn in every corner of the world.

On the other hand there are still many societies showing a remarkable effort to inhibit this natural way of learning. Fortunately a shift in pedagogy and andragogy occurred opening a door for a new approach.

Declarations opened a gateway, though it seems that relevant people didn’t open their minds and eyes to the fact that educational process really shows great results when it sends happy and creative people into the world.

A lot of prominent people have pointed out a need for a revolution. What kind of a revolution? Some people still don’t want to hear such a word. For them it has a negative connotation. We do need a real revolution. And this is a positive one, a revolution in our minds, in our way of thinking and feeling.

It is a global revolution in society and it starts with education. This is based on a lot of scientific work already done on the subject, giving much more space to learning sciences and divergent thinking as a natural and healthy way of learning and experiencing the world.

Interdisciplinary approach, as in all other fields, even here needs to be realized so education could be once more seen as a need of us human kind for curiosity and imagination, for creation, giving each of us a greater purpose.

What we call today alternative education needs to become a mainstream approach, a mainstream way of thinking and learning.