Does this sentence sound familiar? “I think we should postpone the journey once again since we’re a bit short on money at the moment…” My family has a list of places we would like to go to and they are still waiting for us. Recently I started changing that idea and there is a new priority in our budget.

If you already encountered this ingenious way of traveling and camping then you would agree with me when I say it really represents a revolutionary concept in being able to cook, eat, shower and “sleep on board” during your journey.

When I saw Swiss Room Box for the first time I was blown away with the idea and shortly started making calculations as well as thinking about how and when my family could have it.

It represents a way of going on a holiday where you can really enjoy nature and stay relaxed since you have all you need with you in your vehicle.

Before leaving on a trip you get supplies that you need, then you get in your vehicle with great company and simply set off. Wherever you want to go, you don’t have to worry that night will catch you outdoors, that you’ll get hungry or sleepy.

I am still not sure which function I like better. It depends on the type of product, but the possibilities and performances are amazing. It all depends on the budget we can spend, and the best thing is, we can always upgrade it later and get those few options that we like.

We just have to make sure to choose a product that will perfectly fit our vehicle as well as to prepare ourselves for shipping expenses and taxing fees, being aware of expenses that can’t be stated as ‘low budget’ anymore.

But, once we own it, we come to realize that this is money well spent and from now on we can literally “travel around the globe” without any worries about vacant bed&breakfasts.